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Regin and Sigurd

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Here is another passage from Morris’ Sigurd the Volsung.  In this passage Regin is telling Sigurd of the gold that his brother, who has now become the dragon Fafnir, has taken from him.  After telling him the tale of how the brothers acquired the gold, Regin sends Sigurd on a mission to kill Fafnir and recover the treasure.

“And some day I shall have it all, his gold and his craft and his heart
And the gathered and garnered wisdom he guards in the mountains apart
And then when my hand is upon it, my hand shall be as the spring
To thaw his winter away and the fruitful tide to bring.
It shall grow, it shall grow into summer, and I shall be he that wrought,
And my deeds shall be remembered, and my name that once was nought;
Yea I shall be Frey, and Thor, and Freyia, and Bragi in one:
Yea the God of all that is,-and no deed in the wide world done,
But the deed that my heart would fashion: and the songs of the freed from the yoke
Shall bear to my house in the heavens the love and the longing of folk.
And there shall be no more dying, and the sea shall be as the land,
And the world for ever and ever shall be young beneath my hand.”


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December 3, 2008 at 7:27 pm

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