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I recently read Rebsamen’s verse translation of Beowulf.  The translation attempts to preserve the Anglo-Saxon verse form: the alliteration, stress patterns, compound nouns, kennings, etc.  The effect is quite remarkable.  Here is a sample:

Through the high meadhall     went Hrothgar’s queen
offering hall-joy     to old and to young
with rich treasure-cups     till time brought her
where Beowulf sat.     She bore him a cup
with gold-gleaming hand     held it before him
graciously greeted     the Geat’s warleader
gave thanks to God     for granting her will
sending her mercy     a man to believe in
hope from abroad.     He held the meadcup
high in his hands     hailed the queen there
brought to Wealtheow     battle-strong words.


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November 13, 2008 at 8:09 pm

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